Continuing Education Courses

Not only is Magee Rehabilitation the Delaware Valley’s original provider of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), it also has sponsored the area’s longest-standing professional enrichment program designed to educate those in the rehabilitation community.

These programs mirror areas of Magee expertise, namely spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke/geriatrics, amputation and workplace injury.

2016 Courses:

Education Courses
March 18-20NRTI Advanced LT CourseLink
March 18-20Improving Functional Outcomes in the Neurologic UE. Education ResourcesLink
April 23-24Advanced Dynamic Anatomy: Bridging the Gap Between Anatomy and Treatment. Great Lakes SeminarsLink
September 17-18Postural Control for UE and LE Function: NDT Approach, Motor Learning, Evidence Based Practice. Education ResourcesLink
September 24Neuro RTI PT Neuro-Residency Course: W/C Seating and Positioning & Assistive TechnologyLink
September 25Neuro RTI PT Neuro-Residency Course: FESLink
November 5-6Comprehensive Treatment of the Knee. Great Lakes SeminarsLink
December 10-11Neuro RTI Neuro-Residency Course: Manual and Robotic Locomotor Training.Link