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Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), also known as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NES), is a therapy utilizing advanced computer technology to deliver electrical stimulation to paralyzed muscles. This intervention can be delivered in a variety of modes, to perform different outcomes. FES can be utilized for muscle re-education, muscle strengthening, functional substitution, spasticity management or general health and wellness benefits. Magee offers a variety of FES programs for persons with neurologic dysfunction.

Standard electrical stimulation programs can be used to enhance upper and lower extremity muscle re-education, strengthening and functional use of the arm, hand or leg. The stimulation can be delivered by either a portable FES electrode unit, or through an external neuro-prosthetic device. Such devices are presently available in Magee's program, and can be attached to, either the upper extremity (hand and forearm function), or to the lower extremity (to prevent foot-drop). One of these specialized units is known as Parastep. "The Parastep"® is a microcomputer controlled functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) system developed to enable persons with spinal cord injuries to stand and take steps. It uses a specialized walker with built-in controls, activating stimulation to the lower extremities on command.

Another form of FES offered through Magee is the computerized Cycle Ergometry Program, commonly known as the "FES bike". The Cycle Ergometry program utilizes a specially designed ergonomic bicycle and surface electrodes enabling individuals with spinal cord injury to ride a variable resistance stationary bicycle and benefit from aerobic conditioning, increased blood flow and muscle strengthening. Individuals can progress to the purchase of a unit and continuation of this program in their own home.

All forms of the various FES Programs are available in the inpatient and outpatient setting. For outpatient planning, please contact the RF general number, 215-218-3900.