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Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, being committed to the highest possible level of care, has developed the following grievance procedure for patients and family/guardians (when appropriate).

Every individual admitted as an inpatient or registered in Outpatient Services and their family/guardian (when appropriate) has the right to file a medical (treatment related) or non-medical grievance with Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. To file a grievance, the attending Physician, or member of the treatment team, should be notified in writing or verbally.

An appropriate employee of the hospital will assume responsibility for resolving the grievance. This individual has the responsibility for maintaining contact with the involved parties and informing them in writing about any decision made or actions to be taken by the hospital. The grievance will be resolved in as timely fashion as possible.

If for any reason the grievance is not resolved to the involved party's satisfaction, the decision made by the hospital may be appealed. Appeals should be directed to Carol Vinci, at cvinci@mageerehab.org.  Appeal decisions will be made in as timely a fashion as possible.

If a patient feels that their rights have not been implemented by the hospital, they should notify the Pennsylvania Department of Health by calling 1-877 PA-HEALTH, and/or the Pennsylvania Utilization and Quality Improvement Organization: Quality Insights of PA at 1-877-346-6180.