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The academic year begins in July and is comprised of six blocks each lasting two months.
Below is a sample of a typical PGY-4 schedule. 











Amputee / Gait / P&O


Senior Advisory


Electrodiagnosis II


Multiple Options







Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Rehab Acute Spine Service (RASS)
This rotation truly exemplifies the multidisciplinary approach of rehabilitation medicine. This rotation provides a comprehensive understanding of spinal cord rehabilitation from acute injury to discharge into the community; subacute, acute, or long-term care facilities. Jefferson serves as a Model System for Spinal Cord Injury, and is a referral center for the Tri-State area.  The resident works very closely with nationally recognized faculty from Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery and Pulmonary Medicine, among other specialties. The focus is on the management of spinal injury/spinal cord injury from both a consultant and primary care perspective.  You also attend a weekly care conference that consists of yourself, your RASS attending, a neurosurgical attending and an orthopedic spine attending.

Electrodiagnosis II
This electrodiagnosis rotation offers unique exposure to a wide variety of neuromuscular pathology. Gerald J. Herbison, MD, professor of rehabilitation medicine and world-renowned electromyographer, serves as the cornerstone of the rotation. Because of its reputation for excellence and its designation as a Level I Trauma Center, Jefferson has an extremely large referral base -- offering the opportunity to observe acute, subacute, and chronic neuromuscular pathology.

A wide variety of elective experiences are available, including orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, neuroradiology, orthotics/prosthetics, research, electrodiagnosis, pain, musculoskeletal, and sports medicine. Other options are available, including out of state and international electives.  

Senior Advisory
During this rotation, a senior resident serves as an advisor to a junior resident in either an inpatient or outpatient setting, depending on the interest of the senior.  In this role, there is ample opportunity for teaching and developing presentations on topics relevant to the rotation as well as developing management skills necessary for professional practice.

Moss Rehabilitation Hospital
Amputee / Limb Deficiency
This rotation exposes the resident to all phases of amputee management, including immediate post-surgical management, pre-prosthetic training, prosthetic prescription and adjustment, and gait analysis. This experience is a combination of consultative, inpatient and outpatient activities. Multidisciplinary gym rounds evaluate gait deviations and refine the prosthetic prescriptions. One to two afternoons a week are spent in the world-class, high-technology gait lab.

Outpatient / Musculoskeletal / Sports Medicine
This advanced rotation exposes the resident to superior orthopedic and physiatric faculty. Experiences include sports medicine, interventional pain management, interventional spasticity management, electrodiagnosis, and medical-legal evaluations.
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