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Magee Rehab, through a grant from the Kessler Foundation, has developed a four part series, A Day in the Life all which show those with spinal cord injuriesand who are in wheelchairs how to adapt to their new physical limitations and be self-sufficient.  Topics addressed include cooking in the kitchen, overall home mobility, dressing, home modifications, accessibility in the home and community, running errands, car transfers, public transportation, shopping, going out with friends, working out, and weight lifting to name a few.

Home Mobility
Practical application of bed mobility, dressing techniques on the bed and in the wheelchair, bathroom accessibility and modification. Demonstration of a build in chair lift, education on skin maintaince and integrity, as well as overall home accessibility.

Practical application of cooking skills from the wheelchair including management of groceries, organization of kitchen equipment, planning for meals, time saving techniques for mobility in and around the kitchen area.

Working Out Part 1

Working Out Part 2
Practical application of strengthening exercises as well as multiple demonstrations of transfers to/from the wheelchair and work out equipment. Personal testimony to the benefits of working out, demonstration of circuit and utilization of free weights from a wheelchair level.

Community Mobility Part 1
Practical application of mobility from a wheelchair level outside of the home. Going out to eat, going shopping, and running errands as well as demonstration and personal techniques for car transfers.

Community Mobility Part 2
Practical application and demonstration of using public transit and taxi cabs. What to expect, what is expected of the rider and the driver.