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In February, Foday Gibateh, a seatbelt-wearing passenger, was injured in a car accident, resulting in a spinal cord injury that has caused paralysis in his legs and his arms.

And even though Gibateh has not been able to attend classes since his accident, the 18 year old scholar from Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School still managedҗbetween his rehabilitationto complete the work necessary to graduate on time with his classmates June 6.

Gibateh was the first Boysג Latin student to be accepted into a 4 year school (Penn State) and he is the first in his family (immigrants from Sierra Leone) to be accepted to a college.

Although Gibateh, still a patient at Magee, will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony Monday at the Annenberg Center, Magee and Boys Latin are working together to acknowledge his hard work and make him feel as included as possible in the big event.

On Thursday, June 2, David P. Hardy, the CEO of BoysҒ Latin, gave Gibateh his diplomamaking him, literally, the first to graduate from the charter schoolחas well as his cap and gown.

On Monday, June 6, Magee will be hosting a graduation party for Gibateh at 3:30pm, complete with decorations and refreshments, and will be skyping the graduation ceremony that he may watch his classmates receive their diplomas.


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