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PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 13, 2012 -- Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and Myomo, Inc. have partnered to bring the first Myomo mPower 1000 to the Philadelphia area. The Myomo mPower 1000, a portable, lightweight functional arm brace that restores movement to a weakened arm as a result of neuromuscular damage, provides a new modality through which Magee Rehabilitation can continue to deliver top-quality therapy from the hospital's nationally-recognized rehabilitation programs.

"The Myomo mPower 1000 is an innovative and fascinating technology that adds an additional dimension to the rehabilitation of our patients with neurological impairments," said Paula Bonsall, MS, OTR/L, team leader at the Neuro-Rehabilitation Center at Magee. "The combination of EMG Sensing and Myoelectric Technology allows us to teach clients to not only how to increase desired movement, but also to inhibit unwanted muscle activity. But the benefits aren't just physical. To see your arm move for the first time after a period of non-use helps our patients see that with the right therapy and technology, recovery is possible."

The Myomo mPower 1000 incorporates a noninvasive myoelectric platform technology in a wearable device that enables a patient to initiate-and-control their own motion.  The portable arm brace has been proven effective in helping with functional repetitive tasks practice during therapy and assists patients in daily living activities in the home.  The mPower 1000 technology does not use electrical impulses or stimulation. It reads weak muscle signal and sends it to the device's computer which allows patients to move their affected arm.

"Myomo is dedicated to helping stroke survivors and others affected by neurological and muscular conditions relearn muscle motion and regain quality of life, helping to reclaim independence and improve outcomes," said Paul R. Gudonis, chief executive officer, Myomo. "We are pleased to be working with Magee Rehabilitation Hospital to bring the Myomo mPower to patients in the Philadelphia area."

For more information about Myomo, please visit www.Myomo.com. For more information about Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, please visit www.MageeRehab.org or call 1-800-96-MAGEE.

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