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Physical Therapists particpate in Bioness NESS L300 Training

Magee physical therapists participated in a one-and-a-half day training session for a new functional electrical stimulation (FES) device that will be used for both inpatients and for outpatients at the Riverfront.

The Bioness NESS L300 helps patients with foot drop regain lost mobility and recapture a more normal gait pattern. This new wireless technology will be used for a number of conditions, including stroke, TBI, multiple sclerosis, and incomplete SCI.

The NESS L300 works via electrical stimulation and consists of three main components: a sensor, a microprocessor, and a control unit.

The sensor in the shoe identifies the walking stage of the paralyzed foot. It then transmits a wireless signal to a microprocessor attached underneath the knee. The NESS L300 system releases a suitable and perfectly-timed electronic pulse to the nerves and muscles that activate the paralyzed foot so as to facilitate the user's next step. The electronic stimulus replaces the nerve signal that would otherwise have arrived from the brain. The device can be installed and operated by patients, even if they have a disability in their arms.

The NESS L300 units, which will be used for Magee patients, were purchased through the Jerry Segal Classic Fund.

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, founded in 1958, is a 96-bed specialty medical rehabilitation hospital providing physical and cognitive rehabilitation services. Magee’s flagship facility is located in Center City Philadelphia. In addition to the main campus that offers comprehensive services for spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, orthopedic replacement, amputation, pain management and work injury, Magee provides an expanding out-patient network serving the surrounding communities. In 1985, Magee’s brain injury rehabilitation program became the first in the nation to be accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Magee partnered with Jefferson Hospital to create one of the nation’s 14 federally designated centers for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Magee has been rated one of America’s leading rehabilitation hospitals by U.S. News&World Report. Magee provides treatment to more than 5,000 individuals annually. Magee is authorized to treat wounded military personnel returning from war. Magee is not an Obligated Group Affiliate.

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