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From a Magee Case Manager....

Recently I received a letter from the sister of a former 5th floor patient named Thomas. Thomas, a quadriplegic with multiple medical issues, was very much looking forward to returning to Magee. Sadly, he passed away while at Pennsylvania Hospital.

I received word from Thomas' sister that was very touching. She was very appreciative of the care that we provided to her brother at Magee.What stood out in her comments was that everybody treated him humanely and without prejudice, that she thought may occur regarding someone with history of drug abuse. She mentioned that throughout his adult life, he was treated badly by people, even from inside the family, because of his illness. Magee was the only place where people treated him with dignity, and Thomas appreciated it till the end.

One of my recent third floor patients, Mike, also gave me a similar comment about Magee. He couldn't believe that people were treating him so nicely. He was also quadriplegic, and had a history he preferred to keep private.

I just wanted you all know that we are still making a big impact on people's lives. Thank you.