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The following are quotes from patients treated at Magee.  Congratulations to the entire staff, who make patients feel welcome, cared for, and encouraged.

  • "I really appreciated the staff-they were easy to work with and often smoothed the way with a cantankerous insurance company. Thank you!"
  • "I enjoyed the people and the welcome attitude."
  • "I have already recommended a patient to see Lisa after her surgery! Thank you!"
  • "Deb is excellent. She doesn't talk down to anyone and is great at explaining."
  • "Great job and great team. Very friendly to all and dedicated to everyone's recovery. Thank you!"
  • "I couldn't improve Magee as you're the best!I enjoyed coming here and will be back after my surgery. Thank you for everything.Lisa and Julie are exceptional. I love this place!!"
  • "All staff are of the highest caliber. Lisa and Colleen could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Lisa was a Godsend to my wife and I and Colleen is incredible as the only medical staff on the premises."
  • "I am grateful for Vida.  My medical condition takes away my control over appointments and schedules. It really bothers me! But anytime I have anxiously needed to make changes to anything, she has been there to help. She is kind. She is patient. She is efficient. She makes me calm. She makes me smile. She takes away my health restrictions and replaces it with new choices without judgment. I am grateful to Vida.