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Andrew Ecker's Story
My name is Andrew Ecker, and 4 years ago on August 20th, 2004 I suffered a broken neck at the hands of a poorly placed sandbar while swimming in the ocean. I was only 17 years old, and a mere 10 days from starting my first year at college. The incident rendered me paralyzed from the neck down, with very little chance to ever walk again.

AJ Nanayakkara's Story
AJ Nanayakkara suffered a spinal cord injury in 1994 that left him with quadriplegia and a poor outlook on life. After learning about Magee's quad rugby team, AJ realized life, though different, can go on.

Against All Odds: The Mike Looney Story
Imagine being a 21-year-old junior in college with aspirations, hopes, and dreams. You love sports and the competitiveness that they bring out in you. You're active, energetic, and full of life. The world is yours. One day you are driving around with your friends enjoying life. The next day you are lying in a hospital bed, not knowing where you are, or how you got there.