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Wheelchair Sports

Magee Rehabilitation has a long history of supporting the local community of individuals with disabilities. Magee's wheelchair sports programs heighten independence and improve quality-of-life. Getting involved with Magee's sports programs helps people with disabilities reach for personal health and wellness goals. In addition to experiencing the excitement of competing, goals of the Wheelchair Sports Program include:

  • Improved fitness and overall health through physical activity
  • Increased opportunities for social contact among peers, resulting in enhanced social skills
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Adaptation to disability through interaction with peers and role models
  • Leisure counseling
  • Leisure education

Magee athletes have competed in regional, national and international sports events, including the Paralympics.  Although some of our athletes compete at an elite level, Magee welcomes all individuals with disibilities who are looking for a recreational outlet.  We emphasize healthy lifestyle through regular physical fitness activities.

Magee Sports Teams

Magee sponsors athletes in the sports listed below:

Magee sports teams routinely perform demonstrations to educate and entertain high school and university students, as well as the general public.

If your university, company, or organization would like to arrange a demonstration by one or more of Magee's wheelchair sports teams, please contact Magee's Wheelchair Sports Coordinator at 215-587-3412 or Sports@MageeRehab.org.
These events can be coordinated with our regular practice sessions, or we can come to a gym or parking lot convenient to your location.

Magee currently sponsors three annual competitions:

  • Wheelchair Tennis:  Magee Freedoms Tournament August 12-14 2016
  • Wheelchair Rugby:  Beast of the East November 20-22, 2015
  • Wheelchair Basketball:  Sullivan Classic December 11-13 2015

Who Can Join?
Though the Magee Wheelchair Sports Program was geared to help former patients who are enrolled in the hospital's lifetime follow-up program, we welcome all local individuals with physical disabilities who would like to enjoy adapted sports.  All Magee sponsored wheelchair athletes must sign the Athlete Sponsorship Responsibilities and Guideline packet.  They must also meet the following two requirements.

  • Physical disability is neurological or musculoskeletal, such as spinal cord injury, post-polio syndrome, spina bifida, amputation, cerebral palsy, etc.
  • Athletes must be medically and neurologically stable. Each athlete is required to to be cleared by a doctor prior to participation.

Organized practices are held weekly at community recreation facilities.  Practices are geared toward peak performance during competitions held throughout the year.  Contact Wheelchair Sports Coordinator at 215-587-3412 or Sports@MageeRehab.org for additional information.


The Magee Wheelchair Sports Program is expensive to operate, we must fundraise each year so our athletes can play the sports they love. Our largest fundraiser is the Night of Champions.  If you would like more information about the Night of Champions, or about contributing to our wheelchair sports program, please contact Magee's Development Department at 215-587-3090.

Magee Tournament Sponsorships are also available.  Contact the Wheelchair Sports Coordinator at 215-587-3412 or Sports@MageeRehab.org for more information.

Other Recreation Programs
Other sports activities are offered through various community organizations throughout the Philadelphia Region. View the Magee Community Resource Guide, a directory of local recreation programs designed for people with disabilities for more information. Magee's Power Soccer and Wheelchair Softball teams are currently not in practice.  Please contact Wheelchair Sports Coordinator at 215-587-3412 or Sports@MageeRehab.org for more information.

ACCESS SPORTS is a not-for-profit organization that provides at-risk and special needs populations access to professional, college and local sporting events.  Click here to visit their website.